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Stock 1967 Mercury Cougar Two-Door Hardtop: offered at $28,500 (current as of January / February 2023)

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"Today a 1967 Cougar in good condition is a collector's item." —Lee Iacocca (1984) *

This unrestored Cougar is a fine example of an all-stock, well-maintained and well-preserved classic. It is a strong and enjoyable ride and comes equipped with:

In 1980 a Ford-authorized remanufactured “short block” was installed by the Lincoln-Mercury dealer. Aside from that engine rebuild at 106,719 miles, this Cougar is largely as it was when it left the factory.

The interior and exterior of this car exhibit only minimal wear. The interior is completely original. Except for the area around a 2005 wheel-well dent repair, the exterior paint is also original.

This is a one-family owned vehicle. It has never been traded or resold. Maintenance receipts and some documents of interest (e.g., Purchase Order, purchaser's canceled check, Owner's Manual) are included.

  • <160,000 miles/<60,000 mi on new short-block

  • $26,500

  • averages 13.9 mpg


  • Transmission: C-4 with chrome T-handle shifter

  • Engine: 289-4V (225 bhp @ 4800 rpm) **

  • White Sidewall Tires

  • Power Drum Brakes

  • Power Steering

  • AM Radio

  • Tinted Glass Windshield

  • Air Conditioning

Door Plate Data:

*p. 86, "Iacocca, An Autobiography", Lee Iacocca and William Novak, Bantam Dell, A division of Random House Inc. New York, New York, 1984

**Ford engine specifications: 289 "A" 1965 - 1967

site photo credits: Richard Golueke